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Pick Your Own Apple Season is Here!

McIntosh and Cortland apples are ready! Come PYO or buy what we picked for you in our farm store.

We are still picking peaches! PYO or purchase what we picked for you in our farm store. Loring, Alberta, and Bailey peaches. All freestone and great for baking and canning!

Our Nectarine and white peach season is over. But, soon our Italian Plums will be ready!! Sweet goodness!  

We still are picking our Paula Reds and Gravensteins.   



Another week or so and itíll be CIDER TIME!!! Fresh pressed right here on the farmÖ..canít get much better than that.

Hours: Every day including weekends 9am Ė 5pm





2013 Crop of Macouns                                           2013 Crop of Honeycrisp